Kuwait Film Festival


Kuwait Film Festival (KFF) is the first and leading film festival in Kuwait. KFF will serve as an influential platform for Arab filmmakers at an international level. It is the place to recognize and study the changes taking place in our society, far from the daily media storm.

KFF is a festival that stimulates and offers new perspectives in a newly born, healthy and dynamic environment in Kuwait for the first time.

KFF mission is making a long time Kuwaiti dream come true, putting Kuwaiti filmmakers together, promoting cross-cultural awareness, the exchange of ideas, learning from the best in the industry, social understanding, and foster independent films through film screenings, panels, workshops, networking events and educational projects.

Kuwait Film Festival (KFF) aims at providing a unique platform for local and global film industry to plants the seed of our tree Sidra (our logo), portrays excellence in filmmaking, aids to inspire, and nurture the Kuwaiti Cinema industry. KFF provides an interesting showcase for all aspects of filmmaking: the art, the filmmaker, talented directors and actors, and the film- lover in all of us.

KFF is willing to promote, raise awareness, and bring the art of cinema and the communicative power of artistic expression in general to as many people as possible through short films and documentaries, and meeting with writers, actors and critics.

KFF looks for documentaries and short films that present artistic qualities; innovation, originality, professional skill, expressiveness and cultural/historical value.

Creative documentaries, offer a surprising window on the world, they hold a mirror up to our life. They are able to stimulate the viewer and provoke thoughts.

KFF hope to create a future of possibilities for both national and international artists, to gain exposure to successful and influential people in the industry of filmmaking.